K line buy big sheep line actual combat form, rare, worth

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K line -- "buy big sheep line" actual combat form, rare, worth

Generally speaking, the dayang line represents the advantage of many parties. When the stock price breaks through the peak of the dayang line, it is often a buying point and performs strongly after the break.

First, the technical features meet the following requirements:

1. Under normal circumstances, the amplitude of the long entity is greater than 5%, which is called yangyang line, compared with the most recent k-line combination.

2. There is no such thing as up and down charity on a large twin-ship, even if it is short;

A large number of production lines can appear in any market, bull or bear.

4. If the stock price is in the middle of the callback rejection process, it indicates that the stock price callback is over and entering the final stage.

When the market rises, the stock market or index is gaining a lot of momentum and the market may see a wave of big rises. If it occurs during the shock integration process, the appearance of the Yang line is often the main attraction. It's gone up too much.

As shown below, this is the general shape of a large double line.

In a rising market or early stage of a rising market, if the share price breaks through the top of the line in the coming days, that would be a buying point.

Take hua chuang Yang 'an (600155) as an example. As shown in the figure below, the stock has a high callback rate and is stable around 6.0. Sideways. On June 11, the sun line reached its source. Over the next two days, the stock broke through the previous K line high, so you can buy the buy point.

Furthermore, the stronger the signal, the stronger the stock signal, because the entities on the ascension line represent the strength of the multilateral forces. Investors should be more cautious because there has been no stock split since the sun line, many political parties do not have enough power, and the bullish signals on stocks are very weak, which is not suitable in the long run. Be careful

For investors, in addition to understanding the single K line, we must further study the meaning of the K line. Even if the same K line appears in different locations (such as uptrend, disk duration, or downtrend), the uniqueness of the K line differs from its description, and vice versa. For example, if a k-line company has a long-term picture charity up and down, if it appears at the end of a long-term rising market and usually has a floor price at the end of a long-term bear market, it usually indicates the formation of a sky-high price.

Whatever the form, investors should be treated with caution. In fact, dealers often cancel sales and expose false facts. When investors buy or buy stocks, they move in the opposite direction. Therefore, investors should provide objective analysis based on the actual situation to determine each type of operating opportunities.

Basic classic illustrations:

The red three soldiers

After the crash, guangzhou could not continue to lower its share price, while in the low-price zone, the share price fluctuated to "1", so the trading volume decreased with the alternations of small Yang line and small silver line. After a long period of consolidation, multilateral assets have evenly expanded the number of the three small positive lines, which continue to rise, accumulating enough energy to cause share prices to break through the market. The shape of the three small Yang lines, known as the "red three soldiers", suggests that the market could rise sharply. 2, arc bottom

As share prices gradually decline, energy consumption in the poor side is very high, stock prices trend steadily, and trading volume decreases as bulls and bears enter a standoff. Since then, with the expansion of trading volume, the multi-counterattack shows that the share price will gradually rise, constantly breaking the pressure of the three averages, in the near future to hit a new high, leading the multi-lead, the stock market will rise.

3. The "V" font at the bottom

Unilateral counterattack continues to exhaust the stock price and short circuit short term energy, but there is no chance to breathe, due to active cooperation, the stock gradually rise, forming the "V" upward trend.

4, cross star reversal

In a falling market, there is a star in the shape of a cross, which indicates that the potential inheritance is strong, and with the emergence of the rear line, we can see that not only does it effectively prevent air strikes, but it also begins to strike back. Cross star counterattack, the market is controlled by many gradually.

5, "W" bottom double bottom

In the open areas, there are three consecutive negative lines to curb energy consumption. Many political parties began to fight back, but the height of the dense trading zone was blocked in the previous period, but the stock price did not fall below the previous low. If the stock price rises from the second low to more than 3% of the highest price, it can be considered an effective breakthrough. These share price trends doubled, setting the stage for an upturn in the market outlook.

6, head and shoulders

After a long fall in the share price, trading volume dropped significantly, the share price slowed down slightly and rebounded, trading volume rose slightly to form the left shoulder. Then several counterattacks occurred, trading volume increased significantly, the share price bounced above and below the left shoulder, forming the head shoulder, and then back to the bottom line, forming another lower shoulder, right shoulder. Head and shoulders. Since then, many counterattacks have been used to boost the stock price through a lot of cooperation. If the stock price rises by more than 3% of the price of the wooden boat, you can see the upward trend of the market. The minimum price rise is the vertical distance from the bottom to the wooden boat.

Seven, five lower rows

In the lower regions, there are more than five small sheep X-ray, indicating that there are many hunters have a lot of trade, purchasing power is strong, the floor has been formed, the accumulated energy in many places will explode, the market is likely to rise.

8, sesame

Second highest positive repair: stock price rises, forms a positive line, rises again the next day and shows a higher growth rate. This number is a multilateral dominant trend, which usually indicates a short-term sales failure and may cause the stock price to rise rapidly. Sheep line. Investors should watch the trend carefully the second day after the market opens and take advantage of the fact that prices are in line with volume. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully observe the basic knowledge and news of the inventory to prevent some major units and agents from using this form to cheat the goods.

9, a hammer

Applicable rules:

If the reverse hammer line appears after the downward trend, it forms the same bullish k-line pattern as the conventional hammer line. It is very important to analyze the hammer line. When the hammer line appears, you need to wait for the unit's next bullish signal to be confirmed. The inverted hammer line validation signal can take the form of: the next day the opening price of the hammer line rises more than the actual hammer line. The greater the distance from the upward jump, the stronger the verification signal. Alternatively, the reverse line is a white k-line, higher in price, and the call confirmation signal is complete.