Capacity classic dishwashing technology no longer learns to

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Capacity classic dishwashing technology no longer learns to be a banker!

1. Volume accumulation

When making the main power supply, the volume is the easiest to leave; You can draw k-lines, but the number can be superimposed. The cumulative amount indicates that strong money has entered the market, taking only 10 days to take action for months. This graph is usually a patient-centered flagship, aiming high, usually wearing out patience, suddenly large Numbers start to rise sharply and investors are dispatched. As a result, you can ignore the small shocks of that time and feel comfortable.

Identify points

(1) after running for a long time, the moving average moves to the bottom area.

(2) continuous appropriate volume, decline and contraction

(3) the floor rises in turn

2. Roll the heap

When stocks appear at the bottom of the "quantity pile", they usually mean that stock prices will not be hit in the short term, but that there is strong capital intervention, which only means that it is only a matter of time. The "quantity heap" is characterized by a sudden and slightly larger volume pattern after a continuous surge in volume. Under normal circumstances, the stock price will rise after the moderate trading volume hits the bottom, when the trading volume decreases, the stock price will adjust appropriately. "Quantity heap" adjustment has no fixed time and mode, from 10 days to several months, investors can buy one time, as long as the reason for buying is correct, and wait patiently. Let's go!

3. At the start of the trend line, stocks are classified as strong stocks, but initially they profit using a single stitch, then they warm up, then they are cleaned and consolidated. This quantity can be enlarged smoothly and the disk is large in amplitude. This form of stock intervention can participate in timeshare on a low and band-aid basis and continue to work the other half of the time after the T + 0 manipulation. You can change the amount and add magnification. This was mentioned before in the public accounts.

4. Window in the board

Some stocks have suddenly pulled down the ugly long Yin line from the gentle upward channel and dropped below the bottom track of the channel, a trend that is primarily a dishwashing staple.

What to do with the main wash?

Of course, for major goods, it should be "stop-loss". Don't look back after a stop loss. The flagship has been shipped. But for the main dish washer, of course, it must be able to stand alone. Even if you make a mistake or sell early, you need to return it immediately and buy it again. The reason is simple. When it was "abandoned" by its flagship, the left neighbour also fell, and its share price did not go against expectations, but probably reached new heights. Of course it's a major organ. The high level of innovation after eliminating the harm means that the main wave is unfolding and it's time to buy now!

Be prepared to correct mistakes. It is also a "cleansing" of ego power. 'selling' is the past, if not god, and there is a word for it, 'fighting'. You don't have to worry that you just sold it. If you don't buy it now, you're a coward.

Real conspiracy volume selection techniques:

One, stand up

As the market and individual stocks continue to fall and show signs of stabilization, the k-line forms a shape similar to the head and shoulder, with the right shoulder gradually growing through the collar, which requires a decisive shot. Buy 2, black horse blooming on the ship

If the board blossoms, one stock has a continuous decline limit, while the last stock has stopped a large opening decline. This is a good place to buy because a lot of money will start to be acquired and there is a good chance of a short-term rebound.

Business points:

1) the previous limit is infinite.

2) the last drop of the open quantity is open and the end is not sealed.

3) except for serious malice.

3. Limited quantity per day

In high-priced areas, there is always a tendency for flagship products to be released in large Numbers, so some stocks get eaten up in order to show enthusiasm after bulk sales orders are sent. After purchasing certain positions, the display tray will be displayed. Decisions, but these are illusory, true barycenter can be identified, weak lows seem to be mining volume, indicating that the institution or flagship can lift the market wave.

Volume select stock: notes

1. Divided by industry, the trading volume analysis standard of each stock is different. The turnover rate of soju inventory is more than 10%, and it is considered that the inventory turnover rate of more than 5% is larger.

If the stock price rises, trade volume cooperation is needed.