Where are the opportunities to go everywhere? (real)

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Where are the opportunities to go everywhere? (real)

Today, the market index did not rise above 2824 and began to fall back, although it looks a little weak, but it is not. For one thing, ping an bank did not return to carbine very often after yesterday's peak. Second, the fact that kweichow moutai doesn't fall means that the wine, food and drink won't go anywhere. Generally, the atmosphere remains tense. Carefully financed times, but don't panic anywhere.

On paper, money still swims in four branches: agriculture, the military and technology, which are represented by low suction and overnight sales; The second is the oversold branch of stock prices. The violence fund represented by repression and capture is a clear example of the one mentioned yesterday by huayang international; The third is the friendly branch of politics, where money starts from landscape politics. The standard internal rotation becomes software services and nonferrous metal plates are its two battlegrounds; Fourth, the creation of special funds and science and technology sector branch fund financing based on the target. The second most active part of the market, after science and technology, is the second branch, the suppression of stocks after they are oversold. Yesterday, huayang international was used as a simple example to introduce some capital wars, so today we are here. Simply drill down and look at common points in the stock of such stocks, as shown in the figure below:

For ease of description, the white mark in the graph is defined as a one-stage market, the red mark is defined as a two-stage market and the yellow line is defined as a pressure area.

In the first phase of the market, the price gap below the white line and recovered. The obvious feature is the concentrated pumping of the volume indicator. The volume indicator is doubled or tripled, but set in the opposite direction. Turnover, that chip is low, then the stock price temporarily upward white pressure line, when the second burst sales, the stock price rose 19 yuan to break the white pressure line and then rose to 29 yuan, a wave of 50% of the market soon completed.

The second phase of the market is more obvious: after the share price falls below the red trend line, the business volume approaches the land quantity. Another 50 points!

So what's the community for these tickets? It is common that chips are relatively clean and do not have multiple sets of locks, so there are not too many indicators to pay attention to. The volume of trend lines, pressure support lines and VOL double cycle indicators is basically adequate. You may want to better wife shentong express behavior. Is this a trend?

There are a lot of votes like this trend. According to our own statistics, in August alone, the number of thousands of shares added each year in 2019 completely decreased, which is negative! And hundreds of stocks have hit record lows! Equivalent to last year's market price below 2,440, I have to admit, cutting the number of A amaranth is too fucking!

However, the risk of stock increase and the possibility of stock fall are also characteristics of A action. As a result, there are oversold and sucking stocks. You can identify luoyang molybdenum (not new) to determine whether it meets future performance. These features are for discussion only and are not recommended: on today's news: "ipos are slowing and there have been no new applications for chinext in the past four months. There have been nine trials since July, eight of which were completed in July. This year is 8 years old. "On the other hand, the IPO meeting rate is low, chinext has been four weeks in a row, and new IPO reporting and approval companies are also decreasing.

If the news is absolutely positive during a period of slow growth, which it isn't, if someone says it's positive news, go Stud! The market is not alive. If you don't participate in the accumulation, it's hard to dissipate! Just play with it and don't invest too much in love!

About market trends:

The current operating cycle for the broadest market index is still between 2,723 and 2,824. Within this 100-point range, you can still make some improvements. Today's trend is to pull back from the high - low - suction bottom of the empty barrel node, and the closing rate remains unchanged. 2792.69 (the white line in the image below), which is a relatively strong performance and therefore likely to attack 2824: