Dry stock! After looking at this photo, remember all K line,

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Dry stock! After looking at this photo, remember all K line, retail store is worth collecting.

"Plan trade and exchange programs."

Before trading, you need to complete the plan, once entering the market, you must follow the plan, and you cannot change the plan temporarily due to external factors.

However, trading conditions are unpredictable and can lead to surprises. That is to say, careless planning, which is an important guide to the construction of the next plan. If you can understand immediately, this time is good. This is a reference book. If you don't understand, if you don't know what this means, shut it down quickly and wait until you understand. it doesn't matter You may lose a little.

You should always try to avoid gambling spirits rather than losing your temper, just say you should gamble. There is a lot of loss and loss of control.

Not only do investors have to make profitable trades, but they also have to deal with losses very accurately, both to make money and not to lose as much money as possible. Most likely to make money.

Some speculative owners always say, "trading is literature and art, not science." When an artist creates a work of art, imagine that he must be perfect, because art is unique. The work is perfect.

We should also have this mindset in our dealings, where we must maintain a spirit of excellence and see it as a work of art that complements it in order to achieve long-term and complex growth.

There are many types of k-lines, which are unpredictable, and according to his shape or expectations, people have given him many good names, such as "meteor", "bud water", "fairy guide" and so on. When you want to remember the shape of these k-lines, see the difference between them, or use unpredictable k-lines to determine the subsequent trend, wisps are very complex, and more importantly, have no effect and no meaning.

If you don't have the right idea, don't talk about k-graphs for a while, you'll have to work hard to find messy names! If you change your mind, the K diagram looks like a changing K line. In fact, the change is just his four prices. We can figure out all these K charts by grasping these 4 prices. The end result does not remember his name, but his god and appearance are completely engraved in your heart!

Now let's extrapolate the evolution of the k-graph. If you are familiar with this process, you can see at a glance what the K line really means, no matter how it changes.

First, the evolution of the positive line from strong to weak:

1, the strongest K line is the opening price, closing price, the highest price, the lowest price is the same price board word board trading K line 2, if from the disk to open the board on the word board, the lowest price is no longer the starting price, it becomes T word limit K line.

3, the same limit, but no open limit, but after the high open line restrictions, it began to become a high open low K line xiaoyang.

4, is the same limit, no high open, it formed a large number of common line limit K line

5, since the opening price has been rising, the opening price is the lowest price, the opening price is the highest price, finally did not limit the formation of bald bare foot line

6. After the opening, the market rose after breaking the high and closed down, but not the highest price, but has become ocean K line, long shadow leaves a long shadow.

7. After the opening, the opening price hit a new low throughout the day, after the opening, the opening and the opening price were neither high nor low.

8. The starting price of the closing price is high and low, and the stock price rises, but the overall increase forms a general positive line, but tomorrow's new highs and new lows are hit

9. When it finally goes up, it becomes the usual little Yang line (9).

10. If the opening price is the same or close to the level, you will become a famous cross star.

Second, trans-star evolution

There are many explanations for the cross. Cross stars have many different K lines. No matter what happens, he knows his evolution. Very simple! The opening price is the same as the closing price. It's a cross star!

2. The opening price and the closing price are the same, but the intraday rise is very large, causing a long shadow, leaving a long shadow and a long shadow. It's a long cross.

3, the opening price is the same as the closing price, but it will be high tomorrow, but no new low opening price has been made, it becomes the reverse t-k line.

4. The opening price and the closing price are the same, fall all day and then rebound, but if a new high opening price is not created, it becomes the t-line and k-line.

From the point of view of today's match, cross star is a draw, the opening and closing prices are the same.

Third, the transition from strong to weak

1. K line from bullish to weak crossover star weak, the opening price is higher than the opening price.

2. The closing price is lower than the opening price, the K line becomes a negative line, and the closing price is slightly lower than the opening price, forming a small negative line.

3, intraday high, but the final closing price is still lower than the opening price, the Yin line as the shadow line

4, disk does not struggle, the opening price is the highest price, the closing price is the lowest price, it will be bald big Yin line

5, disc action, recoil, top price, bottom price closed, bald and barefoot big Yin line

6, bareheaded barefoot big Yin line is not too addictive, do not directly close the market.

7. To make matters worse, the direct opening is lower and the lower limit is closed, which lowers the lower opening and the female line

8, the worst-case scenario starts directly at the lower limit, but unfortunately tomorrow, the final market closes and the TK line becomes

9. The worst thing is that the market falls, the market closes, the market doesn't struggle. The above evolution process evolves from the strengths of the K line to the weaknesses, and clearly illustrates the various complex K lines. Now you don't remember the complicated K line names. But I've memorized all the K lines

In the picture below, do you think it is very simple and superficial? I think the first lesson all shareholders learn about stocks is this picture, but many of my friends have bypassed it from the start.

As you can see, I think everyone knows the four prices of ABCD. A- best offer, B-close, C-start, D-low. Yin line is slightly different, the closing price is lower than the starting price of Yin line, and the single K line still has the problems of false negative and false report. These problems are very basic and can be seen in baidu.

In addition to these four prices, I would like to introduce two hidden prices. One is the center price, and the other is the center of gravity. Median price refers to the average price of the highest price and the average price of the lowest price (AD average), and center of gravity price refers to the median average price of k-line entities (BC average). What's the use of these two prices? The method of studying k-line chart in main behavior is different from the traditional method of studying k-line chart. The two prices are introduced because their importance is irrelevant, but many of them use them, such as the KDJ indicator, which everyone is familiar with.

Traditional k-line learning methods are struggling to predict whether the k-line graph will go up or down, and principal behavior examines k-line methods and how they are formed in this way. Was the k-line chart intentionally created by flagship? Or is it made of jangdan? The so-called understanding is different, the result is different. As is the trend in the daily market, everyone sees exactly the same graph, data, etc., but sees more people, some people are very short. Is the sailboat still deep? For the k-chart, further knowledge must first clear the k-chart itself. Based on the previous six prices, we can see that they are exactly the same. Because of its internal structure, the k-plot may produce the opposite result, but they cannot measure the price of the k-plot itself, but they ignore the internal structure of the k-plot.

For example, consider limiting the k-line daily.

Again, the daily limits of the bulk line, different internal structures determine different outcomes, some are actually strong, some are strong externally, and some can even be seen cheating. Look at his internal structure and see a completely different soul with exactly the same K line!