Liu qiangdong covered in blood, jingdong made a profit, but

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Liu qiangdong covered in blood, jingdong made a profit, but became the biggest winner.

Yesterday, jd released its second quarter financial results, which can be said to be everyone's eyes. Jd posted revenue of 150.3 billion yuan in the second quarter, up 22.9% from a year earlier, according to its financial report. Net profit attributable to common shareholders was rmb600m. The net loss last year was 2.2 billion yuan.

Shares in surged after the financial report. Both and Mr. Liu have arguably suffered a lot since the company's founder, liu qiang, was embroiled in a scandal in Minnesota last year. Jd shares have lost more than $20 billion from their peak near the waist. Mr. Liu's good man and good husband also collapsed, leading to a crusader network.

Today, it can be said that liu qiandong is full of blood, while jd's market value has reached $44 billion, far more than baidu's more than $3 billion. There's no reason to expect to be one of the big three (though that could change again if today's headlines are included).

However, behind this, the biggest winner is actually a woman named jiang zhaopin. Since the scandal in Minnesota, his picture has been projected online and is considered the heroine of the affair. Because of his good appearance and appearance, he quickly became a popular person on the Internet, and the number of fans reached 300,000, becoming a red network.

Later, everyone knew she was not the heroine of the event, but the traffic she attracted still belonged to her. Nowadays, he often makes photos of himself on the Internet, attracting many Internet users. Traffic is money.