These three risks of invoicing are hard to prevent, so don't

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These three risks of invoicing are hard to prevent, so don't worry.

These three business risks of rewarding invoices are unpredictable. Don't ignore it. With the rapid development of invoice distribution business, several risks accumulate gradually, and related problems appear one after another. Unreasonable conduct in the process of redistributing bank invoices has been repeatedly prohibited. Criminals take advantage of various opportunities to cheat the invoice business, which brings great risks and losses to the bank and is not conducive to the healthy development of the invoice business. Today, as the world negotiates, we will outline three major risks in invoice development.

It is difficult to avoid the three major risks of invoice return business, so don't worry about it.

1. The invoice is transferred to the current commercial paper and the electronic certificate co-exists, repeatedly prohibiting operational risks.

At the operational level, electronic commercial invoices will greatly reduce the risk of writing errors, endorsements, repeated endorsements, ambiguous seals or violations, and greatly reduce the risk of manipulation. However, electronic commercial invoices do not mean that there is no risk. Due to the strict operation and approval of commercial bank staff, it is easy to connect false documents to the electronic invoice system, and then enter the electronic invoice circulation link, resulting in invoice risk.

Secondly, it is necessary to improve the transaction and management mechanism of invoice collection business

As the number of intermediate links in ticket transactions increases, the growth of the business chain increases the possibility of speculative counterfeiting of counterfeit notes, fake stamps, fake materials and fake invoices, which may lead to several ticket types. In addition, due to the omission of commercial Banks' own management, such as invoice discount business discount after the reverse operation; Careless endorsement of the invoice, the endorsement is illegal and incomplete; The verification of the company's seal is not serious; It will also lead to further improvement of risk management and control difficulties in invoice operation.

These three risks of invoicing are hard to prevent, so don't worry.

Third, invoice transfer to the current business, continuous innovation must pay attention to legal risks and regulatory risks

Some business owners will use invoice intermediaries and other means to package financing invoices as commercial invoices, resulting in a large number of financing invoices without real business records entering the banking system and then transferred to the market. Invoice negotiation. With the increase of litigation cases caused by various disputes over invoices, the announcement of invoices and judicial freeze has increased significantly, and the number of cases of non-compliance with invoices caused by various legal risks has increased, which brings risks that cannot be ignored for the healthy development of invoice transfer business.

These are the three major risks of discount billing business development. As we know, on December 8, 2016, the Shanghai stock exchange was officially established and the headquarters of the people's bank of China was in charge. The establishment of the Shanghai stock exchange promotes the supervision of the central bank of invoice business. In the future, the bank invoice business will become more and more transparent, and the commercial risk of discounting bills will be further reduced. These three risks of invoicing are hard to prevent, so don't worry.

As long as effective prevention can be avoided to a certain extent, the risk is not terrible. Standardize operation, prudent management, ensure orderly development of business. We will give full play to the role of discount invoices and financial services for commercial assets, effectively prevent operational risks and compliance risks of invoice business, and reward them by supporting the development of the real economy. In turn, it effectively promotes the healthy development of economic and financial development.