Global stock markets soared last night, hitting key profits.

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Global stock markets soared last night, hitting key profits.

Last night, the us stock market. UU. It suddenly surged, and finally, the three main indexes rose more than two percent. The renminbi also surged to 900, which is exciting. The reason behind this was a phone call between high-level contacts between China and the United States.

Faced with such news, li dazhao, the commander in chief of the army, immediately declared that the main benefits had come and the youth had developed. This youth fund is the third fund invented by li dazhao in the past six months, because the first two baby funds and baby fund 2 have been ruthlessly infiltrated.

So, is the current fund stable? I don't believe

The reason is simple: similar advantages have emerged several times in the past eight months. The end result is a small bounce. He eventually fell mercilessly and reached a new low.

I believe that when the external environment has not fundamentally changed, the fund will never be safe. There cannot be a big bull market until the macro economy is fully in the background. Some are also partially rebounding.

This time, it can be concluded that li dazhao was doomed to be beaten again.