In the wilds of north Korea tencent jack-horses and dongles

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In the wilds of north Korea, tencent's "jack-horses" and "dongles" are known as "ponies."

On the morning of August 20, xu xueyang, deputy director and general manager of north yellow agricultural administration, said that yu xu, general manager of northeast region of tencent cloud, meng xiangyong, tencent mutual entertainment northeast region, tencent cloud and longjiang wang yong and his party said. The strategic cooperation issues in WeChat, intelligent retail, intelligent agriculture, accurate advertising, intelligent tourism, cultural and creative competition were discussed. Beidahuang agricultural reclamation group company (agricultural bureau) committee member and deputy director wu an met him.

Xu xueyang, on behalf of the group (secretariat), welcomed tencent's guests and introduced the development of the reform of agricultural reclamation in heilongjiang province. He said the current land reclamation in heilongjiang is in a period of major reform, which will accelerate the transformation from the past administrative system to the enterprise group management system. The current core task is to promote the agglomeration of the earth, the industrialization of farms, the reform of social functions and the completion of administrative functions. He said. Function transfer. The urban system has changed, but the main business and favorable industries will not change. It is still a large number of agricultural enterprises, whose goal is to build a modern agricultural foundation, large enterprises, large enterprises, and form an aircraft carrier in the agricultural field. The group's main task at present is to make full use of the next generation of information technologies such as the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, to build a scientific and technological wing for modern agriculture, and to establish a digital agriculture system in the wasteland of Peking University. The promotion of digital agriculture is the transformation of agriculture and intelligent agriculture.

Xu said tencent has unique advantages in Internet information, intelligent tourism and digital entertainment. Last year, the two sides achieved expected results through the beidahuang group's ice and snow world project. The talks are expected to deepen cooperation and establish a digital agriculture model, especially in the fields of enterprise management and group management and control informatization. Tencent's customers introduced tencent's achievements in information technology, big data, intelligent agriculture, intelligent tourism, accurate advertising and digital entertainment, and expressed their expectations of deep cooperation with beidahuang. The two sides are expected to take this exchange as an opportunity to further expand their cooperation in WeChat, smart retail stores, smart agriculture, smart tourism, digital entertainment and other areas to achieve win-win cooperation. In the secretariat, related staff of information industry group and main group tourism group participated in the new system operation meeting of beidahuang agricultural reclamation group.