Chinese buyers canceled 20, 000 tons of U.S. pork that farme

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Chinese buyers canceled 20, 000 tons of U.S. pork that farmers couldn't sell and Chinese couldn't afford.

"Pork" has become one of the topics that people often talk about in recent years, people eat food every day, in addition to vegetarian diet, they must eat meat to supplement protein. Not long ago, a happy thing happened in the rural area, uncle li spent a lot of time preparing the banquet, besides the mountain treasure, the most troublesome thing for him was the price of pork. Four or five months ago, I could buy steamed pork and bone soup, but now I can't afford more than 20 pounds of pork, but uncle li finally gritted his teeth and bought dozens of pounds of pork.

As pork grows, everyone knows that the main cause is the African swine fever problem. Second, less imported pork. A few years ago, the coastal city of pork and "Rikima" at this time. Crazy rise. Chinese buyers canceled orders for more than 50 tons of U.S. pork in February, up from more than 900 tons in March, and have now bought nearly 20,000 tons.

In this case, many people say they are dissatisfied, both American farmers and ordinary people. Under previous circumstances, the pork orders canceled so far have not been good for American farmers, but China has a large population and, by and large, the amount needed, and its huge market has been lost. I am faced with great loss.

No American farmer grows pork. There is no place to sell it. The affected. Thousands of U.S. farms have declared bankruptcy since last year, and the number is expected to increase.

About the farmer's face can not sell, China can not afford to eat, the price of pork is rising. What's more, the pork in guangxi is 30-40 pounds, so many pork cannot afford the ordinary family. Today, many ordinary people are in a terrible predicament, thinking that pork is too expensive, they eat chicken and duck instead, while those who think pork is too expensive have the best seafood. On the one hand, it is difficult for imported pork to restore its normal price. African swine fever problem, pork prices may not fall in the future. Wonder what people think about pork prices?