Huawei will launch mid - to low-end smartphones with red all

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Huawei will launch mid - to low-end smartphones with red alliance by the end of the year.

Recently, with the launch of huawei's red alliance system, many users have been wondering when their phones will be equipped with the system. According to media reports, people familiar with the matter said huawei's internal smartphone delivery target this year is 270 million, or will be the end of the year, mid - to low-end smartphones equipped with red alliance system will be launched.

"The starting point of the red door operating system is different from Android and iOS," yu chengdong, CEO of huawei's consumer business, told the huawei developer conference. It is a new distributed operating system based on microkernel. Meanwhile, Mr. Yu predicted that huawei would ship about 240 million phones globally this year because of the impact of the United States.

Previously, it was reported that huawei's smartphone with the first red alliance operating system will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019 and will be sold in the middle and low-end market. The price is 2,000 yuan. Huawei is still testing the red alliance operating system phone.