PC QQ these functions, I did not expect so easy to use

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PC QQ these functions, I did not expect so easy to use

Since the emergence of WeChat, many people's social status has changed from QQ to WeChat, and QQ sometimes seems to be the death of fraud. But sometimes WeChat has some disadvantages and people start to miss QQ.

Recent PC QQ updates have improved the general screen capture feature, and the original easy-to-use screen capture feature has been enhanced to address other software installation and quick learning issues.

Intercept long photograph

When capturing a long image, it is basically the same as the previous screen capture. First press the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A, use the mouse to select the area to intercept, and then select the long screen shot from the pop-up options.

After selecting the long screenshot, QQ will display the message "scroll or click the mouse wheel to start the long view", and if I choose a way to take long photos, it will block the long photos on the right.

After intercepting the long image, the long image will be saved to the clipboard of the system, and if you paste it into the chat window using Ctrl + V, the image stored on the clipboard will be displayed in the chat window.

To view the long image captured, double-click it and click the save button in the lower right corner to save the long image to your local computer.

Screen recognition

In addition to capturing long images, QQ screenshots also have some useful features (screen recognition). In other words, you can recognize the screen capture to extract the text content contained in the image.

Use keyboard shortcuts to capture photos, and then select a screen from the pop-up options to view the photos.

When the screen capture is recognized, the text recognition result on the right side of the graph appears on the right side of the graph. The mouse moves to the identified text on the right side, and the left figure identifies the corresponding position of the Chinese text of the graph.

If the identified text is incorrect or missing, you can edit the results by clicking the edit button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

After editing the text, you can copy it to the clipboard or save it to a local folder.

If you choose to save to a local folder, QQ will create a file with the name suffix OCR locally. When you open the folder, you will see the image you just captured, with the text recognition results saved in TXT format.

When the screen capture is too large, if the recognition fails, it may fail multiple times, preferably.