Don't choose huawei! The former Gemini is leaving soon.

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Don't choose huawei! The former Gemini is leaving soon.

The performance of huawei phones is strong now, but it is impossible to eliminate the fact that all mobile phone brands replace old and new phones. The fire of huawei P30 series and the failure of huawei Mate30 series are also flagship products of huawei. It's down to very low, but the editor suggests not to start. Let's see what two of them are.

The first is huawei P20.

The development of huawei mobile phone camera starts from huawei P20 phone, with 2400w super selfie on the front and 2000w + 1200w dual cameras on the back, which can be regarded as the camera power supply for 1000-yuan phone. But huawei's first launch of the P20 has suddenly narrowed the gap with its flagship phone, sweeping away its camera capacity. The huawei P20, priced at more than 3,000 yuan, belongs to the luxury flagship category. Now, third-party platforms only need 3,699.

First, the core configuration is just the Kirin 970 processor, not the latest Kirin 980 processor. The performance aspect may be similar to that of the Snapdragon 845 processor, which will not meet your needs. The other thing is, the huawei P20 isn't a pure full-screen design, it's liu haiping's design, but it keeps the front fingerprint area and width/height ratio so low that many people aren't happy with their value.

The second honor is ten.

The glory 10 and huawei P20 are the most representative mobile phones in the same period. The huawei P20 is rated as "huawei glory Gemini" by consumers. The pixel, 2400w + 1600w, rear and front is more powerful than huawei P20. There are also 2400w professional selfies and cameras with excellent performance. In addition to the 6 + 64 gigabyte native storage version, there is a 6 + 128 gigabyte version, which says goodbye to more powerful execution, more storage space and insufficient memory.