Do you like iPhone Pro space customization?

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Do you like iPhone Pro space customization?

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With the latest news from Letsgodigital, Caviar will be able to reveal five customized versions of Apple's iPhone 11 Space. Caviar has previously been able to produce exclusive and limited versions of many smartphones, this time with the space version exclusively for Apple.

Caviar has developed 99 customizable versions of the iPhone11 for Apple, which will be available after the official launch at Apple's fall conference.

Caviar features the iPhone 11 Universe Diamond, while the back of the phone depicts the entire solar system and various planets and planetary orbits. Different ships are inlaid with different stones, the gold track is covered with gold, the actual ship fragments can be very luxurious. However, Caviar has released the iPhone 11 Universe Diamond, with ship fragments and discreet diamonds.

The three other customizable space versions of the iPhone 11 released by Caviar are Singularity (black hole), Explorer (Explorer) and union (USSR). These five custom versions of the design are very original, we can say that the naming is very meaningful. The iPhone XR2 doesn't seem to be getting the same treatment.