Is barbecuing expensive and unsanitary? With these good thin

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Is barbecuing expensive and unsanitary? With these good things, the barbecue at home is convenient and sanitary.

Barbecue is a kind of food that many people like, many people like this kind of party entertainment. The right way to open up in summer is to grill beer. Summer is coming, and the smell of barbecue is everywhere. Have you lost weight? People are iron rice, a day is not hungry, you can not meet such fragrant barbecue, but small make up anyway can not help! Today, many people choose three or five friends, the weather is good, bring a string of barbecue and cooking utensils, choose the right barbecue place and self-service barbecue. Relax for a while. It's not worth buying skewers outside, and if you have a grill and barbecue set, you can eat whatever you want. Today's editor introduces some suitable tools for his barbecue.

First oven

Where the grill is, the oven is a must, or maybe the skewers are scented! So small make up friends for small make up the oven. The box isn't too big, but there's a catch. You can't fold an oven. It's not big, but it needs some space at home. If you choose an oven based on the experience of small series, it is better to make a stowable suitcase, because it is not too big for the family. The main thing is to fold it. In addition, you need to ensure that there are vents during the barbecue process to better control the fire.

Second, wearing skewers of meat

In fact, the stove is more convenient after the barbecue, but the most wasted time is the preparation of ingredients. Every time you eat a bunch of meat, the taste of lamb is easy to deal with, so you basically eat barbecue. Before, no family member liked to work on strings. But you can't have barbecue because you don't want to wear the tape. Luckily, xiaobian found this kebab on the Internet. It looks like a box. Her husband wears inlay, light belt, easy to dirty, will be interested in and help put on meat skewers!

Three, barbecue foil

Small make up in addition to eating grilled kebabs also like grilled fish. Therefore, tin foil is also an important helper in family barbecues. Using tin foil, you can meet virtually all your needs for baked goods such as grilled fish, grilled chicken wings, and grilled mushrooms. Many people may think that baking tin foil is too special, so you shouldn't eat barbecue. But in fact, barbecue tinfoil is clean, the most important reason is that you can heat the chicken wings, roast the fish evenly, and the meat is more delicious, so you won't cook it locally! With these three helpers, there is a barbecue shop at home, how to eat!