The man likes raw steaks, belly worms and said netizens are

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The man likes raw steaks, belly worms and said netizens are not calm.

Steak is a very delicious food. Some people like half-cooked dishes, others like seven-o 'clock dishes. Recently, the guangxi king fell in love with the shares. Half-cooked steak, eaten for a month and a half, may have stomach worms. Netizens said they couldn't calm down after seeing the photos.

Mr. Wang is said to be an ordinary white-collar worker who always wants to eat. Since it wasn't a date day for anyone, wang ate a soft-boiled steak, and some bloody steaks went very smoothly. The king suddenly fell in love with this feeling. He ate rare steak for the next half month.

Recently Mr. Wang woke up in the morning with a stomachache and thought he had indigestion the night before. Didn't pay attention to. When I was unexpectedly working, my abdomen became very good. The king had no choice but to rest and go to the prosecutor's office and the hospital. Unless you check it. Doctors couldn't find it at first, but after hearing wang's statement, wang thought there was a bug in his stomach. The king took an anesthetic and a laxative, and managed to expel a 5-meter long mite! Mr. Wang is scared! I said I would never eat beef again!

In this respect, some people say that everyone likes delicious food, but they have no eating problem, because they won't eat too much at one time. Some people say raw meat, undercooked, has parasites and bacteria and should be eaten. Small make up believe that the color of food is faced with the temptation of food, so some people can endure it. But if food and safety are on the same lever, you should choose your own safety!