The red network eats seven big lobsters, turns off the camer

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The red network eats seven big lobsters, turns off the camera and reveals "malicious", Internet users: the courage to do more and more!

With the development of society, the speed of Internet is getting faster and faster. Many people use the Internet to acquire knowledge. Of course, some people use the Internet to make money. Here, we have to mention the celebrities on the Internet. Some say they're networks. Red, like han anzhen, your highness, of course, as food, only the pure red of the great king of the stomach is more popular, such as mi zijun and wang duoyi! But there are exceptions. Occasionally, I would see other anchors of the great eater. Today we have to say that Net Red ate 7 lobsters and got close to the camera. "Nete: more and more courage!"

In fact, while net red is very profitable, I also pay attention to some potbellied Kings. Although I can't eat so much, I am happy to see them. After all, eating a delicious meal is very good, but there are many things that make us feel good, but also make us realize that it is full of daily life!

We can see a lobster table on the table in front of the girl. It is said that there are seven big lobsters, but the amazing thing is the house behind it. It all seems so simple and many people are questioning it. Ordinary people can't afford lobster, so you can eat 7 at a time ~!

But when the lens approaches, we find it's silly because it's not the big lobster we thought it was, but it's a little bigger than a normal lobster, but they use a wide Angle lens to make people look big!

The clear red was not filmed in China. In some parts of the world, lobsters are not expensive, so Internet users are showing more and more courage now that the red web is going to blink. People, what do you think about this? Leave your reply in the comments section!