The badly injured 14-year-old girl is missing, but is this t

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The badly injured 14-year-old girl is missing, but is this the main reason for the lack of family education?

"A 14-year-old girl was severely burned because she mimicked" popcorn from an alcohol lamp jar "and left forever because treatment was ineffective. She told her father before she left. Dad, I don't want to die! ""

How sad! This 14-year-old girl, who should be a gorgeous age, lost her precious life because she wanted to imitate a short film. Minors should be warned here because there are many unknown risks.

For example, in this case, zhe zhe and his neighbor xiao yu don't know the harm of alcohol. So when they added alcohol to the burning alcohol, there was an accident and the flames burned badly.

The main people involved in the case are the 14-year-old girl zhe zhe, the 12-year-old girl xiao yu, the parents of zhe zhe and xiao yu, and the short video publisher ono.

After the incident, many netizens believed that the girls, zhe zhe, 14, and xiao yu, 12, were burned because their parents were not educated and lacked family education. ".

This may have been a factor in the event, but it is difficult to determine whether it was the main cause of time. For minors, they have some educational influence due to the curiosity of teaching parents to manage, and because of their curiosity, they want to learn some interesting things, such as "making popcorn with alcohol lamp cans". But they don't know the danger, so they can easily cause accidents. So in terms of lack of home education you will touch on dangerous things, but the main reason is external factors to do so, because without external guidance, you may not know what dangerous things are.

If 14-year-old girl zhe is burned, external instructions are apparently a short video publisher. Without video, "make popcorn with alcohol lamp cans," she and xiaoyu would probably know nothing about alcohol lamp because they haven't learned anything about it. If you already know what an alcohol lamp does, then you know how to use it, and this accident doesn't happen.

As a result, many Internet users held short video publishers responsible for the case because they did not "not copy" their video slogan.

Even home schooling can't do everything. For example, in the case of alcohol lamps, the parents of girls may not be taught to use it, believing that they are not exposed to alcohol. However, the accident happened on the alcohol lamp, who instructed him to know about the alcohol lamp? You can speak for yourself!

There's a new nitt. I saw Ono's popcorn video a few months ago, and Internet TV. I clearly remember my sister trying to imitate it too! I immediately stopped to buy food and said he couldn't play. This kind of video actually leads to wrong demonstrations for children.