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A summer vacation, the cicada are tired. The school started and the students went back to school one by one. Freshmen with childish face into the eager campus, just after the entrance examination battlefield baptism, their hope will begin in this ivory tower.


Youth is always a kind of capital, no other reason, just because of youth. Senior students greeted the new faces of vitality. Soon, students begin to live on campus. On campus everywhere rippling the breath of youth, there is a trace of restlessness, a trace of restlessness.


The new classmate's understanding always starts from the most primitive association, recognized the schoolmate, recognized the fellow countryman, became the compulsory course. In a very short time, boys and girls have relatively fixed partners. In twos and threes, walking along the mall of the campus.


Today, we have rarely called college students favored by heaven. That seems like a very distant term. If we college students do the noun explanation, it is estimated that most college students are difficult to grasp the meaning of this word. Since the reform and opening up, China's education system has followed a pattern from elites to the masses. The resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977 was an important decision made by the leaders at that time.