The college teacher forgot to turn off the projector after c

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The college teacher forgot to turn off the projector after class, and the students were ashamed to see the content of the project.

The school season has begun. For many students who just enter the university, this university is full of the novelty of four years and can create four unforgettable memories. Excited or happy, we need to count university tutors.

All the students thought they remembered their school days. Teachers often have few impressive teachers and are relatively free to learn in college. Listen carefully and start talking on the phone in class.

Not long ago, this problem was done in the university campus, the teacher gave a serious lecture, but the class was not big. Except for the students on the front line, all of them have mobile phones. We all know that the university is relatively free to manage, but you have to take exams and calculate your scores.

See this situation, the teacher did not move forward, but before long, the students began to call again, the teacher was very angry, but go up because he did not want to see the class, continue the class. Self-study.

Later, the teacher used the computer to surf the Internet on the platform, but the teacher forgot to turn off the projector. So the students had a clear view of the whole process, but all the students buried in their phones were able to see the projector. Why are you shy after content?

After the teacher studied on the stage, he found it very convenient to search baidu by computer on the platform. "Why are college students not taking classes at the moment? Teachers don't teach well?" The reason is that for the students, but after seeing the mobile phone, the students will feel ashamed to actively find out their problems. In fact, there are not many responsible teachers like this, they are still relatively liberal universities.

In fact, many students may think that college will be relatively easy after the college entrance examination. You can set your own hours, and everyone accidentally plays with your phone in a college classroom. But I didn't know the impact was so bad. If you lose yourself, you may lose credit. In addition, you can influence your study and life.

I believe that students are happy to enter the university, but they still need to have a heart for learning, because they can still learn their professional knowledge and gain certain advantages after graduation.