She is the President of tsinghua student union, combining be

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She is the President of tsinghua student union, combining beauty and talent to be the "cleanest" choice!

Tsinghua university is one of the top luxury institutions in China and one of the dreams of many people, so I pay attention to every move. A few days ago, tsinghua university's annual opening ceremony was held as scheduled, and the President and student representatives made speeches. Among them, student representative in 2015, student union President Yang wenhui, she said as the school representative. At the end of her speech, she wanted everyone to make the "cleanest" choice in the future.

Yang wenhui, born in 1997, is a 15th year student of tsinghua university, studying in the department of chemical engineering of tsinghua university, and President of the student union of tsinghua university. She was doing it on the floor with a very sweet and infectious smile. Coincidence is people's first impression. Yang wenhui is very handsome, very quiet, very good performance. At first glance, she gives the impression of being the sister next door, but can you tell who is not compromising with her principal? Because she has a lot in common with wu yizhen, a "poet and talented woman", many people compare her with wu yizhen because of her intelligence.

This year, wu is a freshman, but did not speak on stage, but Yang wenhui and wu yiwei belong to the same type, many netizens think because Yang wenhui and wu yizhen did not have the opportunity to speak on stage, to avoid the type of repetition. Obviously, it was a very formal speech, but there were a lot of people who made it too formal to give a formal impression. As a matter of fact, the student union is for everyone, but due to the increasing bureaucracy of social students, Yang wenhui, President of the student union of tsinghua university, believes that her official style is too powerful and there is a big misunderstanding.

The tree is big, in the face of everyone's doubts, it refuses anything. Because she knew she didn't, she had to prove herself by her actions. It is difficult for tsinghua university to pass the test of its own strength. By striving to become the President of the student union of tsinghua university, she has proved her good attitude as the representative of the class of 2015. Don't wear colored glasses. To good people, we must acknowledge their excellence.

At the same time, she hopes everyone can choose "the most sacred" after Yang hui's speech as a student, and also wishes the students who have support. Similarly, future action must be worthy of tsinghua's identity, so that tsinghua can be proud of itself.