This is the best speech of the year. Life comes and goes, th

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This is the best speech of the year. Life comes and goes, the future is near!

Today, with the development of science and technology and the development of times, the average life expectancy of people is getting longer and longer. But how long has it been with us in our longevity?

If a person sleeps for 78 years, it takes about 28.3 years of age, a third of his life, and about 10 years. After five years of work, the job may not be satisfactory. Time on TV and social media is also 9. Five years, including meals, makeup, childcare, and so on, not so short.

After all, my actual remaining time is nine years.

How to use this gap for nine years is meaningful to everyone.

We need to deposit 86,400 seconds into our account every day, and at the end of the day we add 86,400 seconds the next day.

If this were the sum of money, no one would throw it away. But the truth is we don't waste any more time.

They say the biggest mistake in life is thinking you have time.

I always think that time is a long time, some people have time.

I always think there will be a lot of things tomorrow, a lot of things don't need to be rushed, a lot of people don't need to meet right away.

But life comes and goes. Not many in Japan, actually.

The rest of your life is so expensive that you can't afford to waste it.

Once Moyeon tells the story.

I talked to my classmates a few years ago. As soon as she left, she found a silk scarf and cleaned her things. When he traveled to New York, he bought it from a famous brand.

Elegant and beautiful brand scarf. Expensive labels are still hanging. His wife was reluctant to use it. She wanted to wait for a special day. After a while he said, "don't leave good things on special days. Every day is a special day."

When you have time to do something, put on beautiful clothes, etc., or prepare an interesting place, etc.

People are used to repairing their hopes in the future, and as a result, days go by and nothing they want comes true.

In fact, there are many futures in life.

How successful a man's life is depends on how he USES his time. How do you define your relationship with time, now and yourself?

If a person can make time more valuable, then time will make his life more valuable.

But the so-called values are not judged by the eyes of others. As long as you are happy and make your life better, there will be no waste of time. Do you remember the take-out buddy lei haiwei? He killed Peking University at the "poetry conference" and dongcheng couldn't help him and applauded. For many people, reading poetry can't make money or make it famous, it's a waste of time, but the moment he picks up the book, lei hai will forget all his tiredness. I say it because I like it.

Another grandmother, Moses, picked up the brush at age 80, did what she loved best, without caring about the incomprehensible and contemptuous eyes of those around her. Fall into health, love and painting for the rest of your life.

The most obvious success in the world is to live your life the way you want it to.

The most important thing about time is to do something that makes you feel happy and meaningful in your limited time.

As sanmao said, I have no time to be serious, young.

The sun is right, the wind does not do, see want to see people, do what they want to do is the biggest contribution to life.

Life comes and goes, the future is near. Don't wait, don't apologize