Dropping out of a 2-1 university usually improves a signatur

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Dropping out of a 2-1 university usually improves a signature major. Why do so many research parties choose it?

At present, the number of graduate students increases every year, and many students in the research basically have 211 and 985 universities. Such study of graduate students content is high, the competitiveness of the future employment is greater. But because of the strength of the party is not very strong, in the choice of university and major is quite bad.

Students with unilateral research tend to enter 985 or 211 universities, but their strength is not good, so they can only choose mistakes or praise essays. On the contrary, on the other hand, give up the chance to study in a famous university, and usually only choose a brand major. So which of these two options is better? Is 211 big difference major ok to read?

The university entrance examination had better be to read a signboard division with 21 car commonly? Do you know why?

First of all, the novel is different from the college math ability test, which gives priority to the major, then the school, and finally the city, which is the major >;

School >

If there is no misunderstanding of the city, the choice of elite schools will be good, but the fact is not so. Choose 211 universities in the employment. No matter how bad the major is, you can find a good job. But if you want to achieve academic success, you have to go down dramatically.

After the end of the study, the student's major is given priority to, there are a lot of universities' signature major oppression 211 university, so professional words, as long as do well, even if the school is not good, generally than the graduate student that graduates from 211 university.

So no matter the major is 211, the following is the city. If it is a major priority, even if it is not a developed city, but also to choose this. So give up 211 university, and improve common a sign branch if they want to take an examination of later, compare 211 big difference smoothly. If you don't know how to choose, you can refer to the following:

01. Dedicated to academic research, willing to read blogs, professional recommendation is preferred

If you are considering the Cobb problem, select an ace expert. It's not just universities. It is also a famous school if you can take care of it. It is soft. Since the professional schools are not 211 universities, the applicants can be promoted easily while studying at the school, in which case the candidates will make great progress in the future exams or academic research.

Although many 211 universities sound great, not every major is necessarily good, and some professional standards can only be compared with the average of two schools, so poor professionals from these 211 universities may mix together. Education teaches little practical meaning. 02, get research, high salary, recommended to choose 211 universities

It is recommended that applicants choose 211 universities and pursue their major only if they study to improve their academic qualifications, which will make it easier for them to earn high salaries after graduation. Many employers only see where they come from and are not interested in work.