Father has a criminal record. The candidate has been admitte

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Father has a criminal record. The candidate has been admitted but has dropped out.

Hunan examinees (children) are very sad in this year's college entrance examination. The child applied to the aviation academy of the people's liberation air force for pre-employment volunteer service, and his score exceeded the admission score of 47 points. The child thought he would enter steadily, but ended up dropping out because his father sold fake invoices and had a criminal record because he was not eligible for political censorship.

The exam of the aviation academy of the people's liberation air force has always been the child's dream, but because of his father's behavior, he got a high score, but it was downgraded, but he could only go to a university he didn't like, and his three-year efforts were in vain! In fact, there are still many similar things.

One of my students who took the college entrance exam last year applied to be a pilot, but I heard that all the evaluations passed but ultimately failed the political review. Activities.

Last year, Rao's son also attended a prestigious university in Beijing, but was notified by the university. It has been proven that you were dishonest in the qualification process. Or our school won't. Acknowledge your children. Initially, Mr. Lao borrowed 200,000 yuan from a bank, failed to repay the loan according to the contract, and was listed as unreliable.

Under normal circumstances, universities do not have strict requirements on the relative crimes of candidates, but most military academies, police schools and so on have to strictly check the crimes of relatives of candidates. In the case of substandard political trials, most cases have two causes. First, the candidate's parents and other relatives have criminal records, and second, the candidate's parents are placed on a list of executives who are distrustful because of a loss of trust.

Maybe it's the impulse of some good. Many people take risks, but the effects are bigger than you might think.

For example, in college entrance exams, it is almost impossible for candidates to apply to military and police schools.

For civil servants, if a candidate applies for police or political or legal status, a criminal record is usually not accepted by immediate family members.

It can also affect the promotion and evaluation of trees if a relative has a criminal record or is on a list of untrustworthy probate executors in a particular position when they enter the workplace.

Therefore, parents must obey the law and treat life honestly. In addition, candidates should be aware of the fact that if immediate family members have criminal records, etc., they must be aware of and prepare for the requirements of the college in advance.