Should these 7 items be brought in for the 2019 freshman yea

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Should these 7 items be brought in for the 2019 freshman year? Consultant: it can save you a lot of problems!

In China, the end of August is the start time of major universities every year, and now many prospective freshmen are preparing to read college articles! As universities are usually in big cities, many students are not in cities, and even many students are not in the province, the transportation is not very convenient, and it may take more than 10 hours or even 20 hours to travel. Back and forth! For inexperienced freshmen, it can be very problematic and painful to report with fewer items! Therefore, items that are open to magazines must be prepared. Teachers remind first-graders in 2019 of seven things to bring.

First: id card and copy

Everyone knows that id CARDS and copies should be used at the beginning of school. Freshmen must be prepared in advance. Copies should be copied in advance and both parties should make preparations. Prepare nearly five. If there is less preparation, it will be more difficult to pay for copies on the day of school.

Second: all the items in the admission letter and envelope

Everyone knows that the new offer letter will contain many of the requirements that the school sends to students. Because they send it to you, it's absolutely useful. Some freshmen don't pay attention to custody before they start school. There are many people who may be temporarily relieved, but this process will be very problematic, after all, once the school starts it is not familiar with, there is no need to add problems.

Third: membership portfolio and student status file.

Documents are important documents that follow a person's life. Student files and meeting files must be returned to the school by new students. It has to do with joining the party in the future, so new students must be prepared to go to school early.

Fourth: college entrance examination and transcript

Many students may think that after the college entrance examination, whether the ticket is useful? In fact, this is not the case. Many key universities require freshmen to bring tickets and transcripts to school. Here's your high school diploma. For example, tsinghua university cancels admission tickets for freshmen every year.

Fifth: bank card and campus card are sent with the notice

University notices send bank CARDS and campus CARDS to students. Bank CARDS are mainly used for registration and storage. New students have to pay bank card fees before they start school. Campus CARDS are used in cafeterias, shops and school dormitories. Very broad, compensation is problematic, so freshmen should keep the two letters.

Sixth: 1-inch and 2-inch photos, and save on electronic versions

At the beginning of each year, freshmen must complete several forms. Some photos need an inch, some need two inches, and some need an electronic version. These should be prepared in advance.

Seventh: copies of family records

This account is the original document proving your account and identity and will be used at the university, so new students should also prepare one in advance. If you are not afraid of everything, you will be afraid. If you use it and do not have it, you will not be able to say anything and sending miles will be problematic for students who want to transfer their hukou to their city must also prepare residence permits.