Of the 400 graduates, 17 took the college entrance examinati

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Of the 400 graduates, 17 took the college entrance examination and 28 were admitted to qingbei, which is beyond the comprehension of the school

Since the publication of the college entrance examination in several provinces, it can be said that the good news is constant, which motivates us every day. The story of the snow bully, the history of the cow class, the history of the cow school, really many. As you can see, the Chinese people are excellent and outstanding talents keep emerging to provide talent and intellectual support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We see the news of niu school is that the school's students took the college entrance examination, some were admitted to qingbei, some were 985, there were 211 people, etc. Cattle class is the number of students per class. How many people have the key points of the candidate? 100%. It's basically the fact that, in fact, being admitted to tsinghua university and being admitted to a famous university is a sign of strength in itself.

However, the school we are talking about today cannot be presented in this way, because there are nearly 400 students in the last year of the school, only 17 of them take the college entrance examination. However, another 28 were admitted to tsinghua university. These two places add up, but there are 45 people in the district. Where are the other students?

Nobody thinks this school is polarized. The school tyrant was recruited into the green north. They usually take college entrance exams. The remaining 300 students were too cowardly to take the college entrance exam. Thinking like that, of course, is a joke. What happened to this school?

First of all, let me say that these 17 people participated in the college entrance examination, everything is ok, no suspense. 28 people live in qingbei, which is a good explanation. Since tsinghua university and other universities have guaranteed degrees, some students do not need to take the gaokao, but make an appointment directly. That's 28 people at the school.

A high school of 400 has been booked by Peking University of Peking University for 28 people, which is always optimistic! In fact, this school is not the cow of this school. The rest did not take the college entrance exam and did not get into tsinghua university. This place is no worse than 45 people. Only according to their actual situation, the choice is different.

The author says the name of the school and everyone can understand the situation. The school is nanjing institute of foreign languages, jiangsu province. It not only occupies the first place in jiangsu, but also occupies the first place in China. It's very famous and maybe some friends suddenly feel open. It was a foreigner!

Yes, it's in the south. This school is different from other high schools. Most high schools are fighting for the college entrance examination. But the south doesn't fight for college entrance exams. Students are diverse, what's the right way to go, which way to go. One important approach is to target prestigious foreign schools and focus on sending them abroad to study. Now we should know how many graduates go there? I went to a famous foreign school to study.

As 2019 data has not yet been fully updated, let's take a look at 2018 high school students in southern China. In 2018, the school had 430 graduates, 119 of whom were sent to more than 10 prestigious universities in China. Thirty-one of them went to tsinghua university and Peking University. More than 280 students are admitted to more than 100 prestigious universities in seven countries. Some friends wake up like a dream. Is there such a school? Yes, the south is not the route to high school. It has its own running characteristics. Its goal is to study abroad in foreign universities. Second, he was sent to a famous university in China. The last few students chose the college entrance examination. Zhang zetian, the "big sister of cold tea", is familiar with everyone. I thought it was sent to tsinghua in the same year.

It's not like the south! What do you know about nanjing foreign language school and how do you see the school's path? Welcome to leave a message, exchange and exchange.