China's beidou university was handed over to us netizens. Yo

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China's beidou university was handed over to us netizens. You are not welcome in China!

Entering tsinghua university is the dream of many students, and the two universities have nurtured many talents. Tsinghua university has a long history and has cultivated outstanding Chinese talents, such as Yang LAN, Chen zhongshui, jilin Lin, liang shiting and other Chinese institutions of higher education. As we all know, entering tsinghua university is not an easy thing. It is no exaggeration to say that those who can enter tsinghua university should have a special place. Some students who graduated from tsinghua university chose to stay at home and contribute to their homeland, while others decided to study abroad. I want to talk about the happy new is the latter.

Happy xin, from Harbin, studied at the academy of fine arts of tsinghua university. He graduated from tsinghua university, majoring in electrical engineering, and got his degree from Stanford university. She is a controversial person, if you want a good person to return to China, why not welcome everyone? In fact, she wants me to walk high, to flow, to inspire people, because I'm sorry. Happy that the new doctor chose to blame her in America after graduation. She violated the coding rules of China's beidou system and gave the results to the United States, causing a lot of damage and using the American name Grace to better fit his identity.

Many netizens mourned as traitors, unpatriotic, some netizens said: China does not welcome you! That's it. Xinxin's current behavior may have something to do with his childhood environment. Gao deling, former deputy director of heilongjiang provincial public security bureau, may have studied hard because of his father's position and ignored his relationship with others. As a result, the habit is very light, the habit is very light, I feel lonely, even in college, she and my roommate don't get along, so they choose to rent the house, and study more at the same time. I thought this was a non-lonely person, but I didn't tell the U.S. department about the state secrets of personal interests.

Fortunately, after testing in the relevant us department, she broke elementary civil law in a bay-hole system relative to what the us government wanted, so her research was of no use. She doesn't want to watch it either, so now she wants to go back to China.

Although her research does not pose a major threat to China, what she has done is very sad for us. Do you welcome back to China those intelligent people who sell their homes for selfish gain?