The candidate of anhui, the university entrance exam intenti

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The candidate of anhui, the university entrance exam intentionally "0 cent", how now? Do you regret it?

College entrance exams are about issues that society has never left, and ultimately about the future of each family. Every family has children, and every child who wants to have a foundation for success should do so. Although some people say they can stay in the society without taking the college entrance examination, the efforts and difficulties during this period are better than reading. A tough trip. However, we have been accustomed to the college entrance examination model for decades, and there are still some people who can't accept it and even have more positive behaviors, such as those who deliberately take the zero, what is their current state? What is? From xu mengnan's experience, we can understand one or two.

In the 2008 college entrance exam, a candidate from anhui province not only broke the rules, but also clearly wrote the name and test number of each paper. His behavior is undoubtedly an oath to everyone, I will do it with zero, I will attract the attention of the society. As it turned out, his name was known to everyone at the same time: it was xu mengnan. The only reason he did this was to make the relevant departments realize that exam-oriented education is unreasonable and must be changed.

To be honest, whenever I see this argument, I think these candidates are naive. Because this is not the first time several candidates have expressed the same desire, but the results have not changed. The only effect is to destroy your own learning. Xu mengnan is no better than before. Of course, he can't go to college for more than 160 points, and no one CARES about what he calls exam-oriented education reform.

In fact, the formation and development of each system has a certain background, just like the old imperial examination system. Despite its shortcomings, without such a system, the folk classes of ancient societies had no possibility of entering official careers, thus changing the fate of the whole family.

Let's talk about exam-oriented education. Although there are some disadvantages, it is impossible to comprehensively measure a person's special talent, or even lose a good talent, but in general, this is the most fair talent selection mode. It is also a model that can be implemented. After decades of practical tests, it can meet China's current educational development situation. Not because individual opinions can be changed, but because of how to do harder work for students. believe

In fact, xu was aware of this reality. He expressed great regret for this year's action. Later, although he wanted to repeat, he was confined to unfavorable family conditions.

After working for a decade, he has accumulated some savings, had children, and endured a divorce and the frustration of being a single father. In the end, he made a decision that surprised many: take the college entrance exam. Although he was only accepted by the university, it was very satisfying for him, because ten years of hard social work taught him that academic recognition is a kind of pride.