To all young teachers on the job: know your place

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To all work of young teachers: clear its own position in this September, now is have a lot of young teachers have mount guard, in just started teaching teachers, whether you because what reason on the job, whether you really love the education career, or only choose this profession, because of life before the experience is summed up by teachers, you are just to work, be sure of your position, know their identity, only in this way can better involved in the education, in the industry will not be too many setbacks. Clear their own positioning, whether old teachers, or teaching and training will emphasize this point, but young teachers always have their own ideas, which makes it understandable, but this rule is not a hidebound, is not a wrong experience. Facts have proved that no matter what occupation you are engaged in, you should make sure of your own position and your own position in life. Only in this way can you live a better life and complete your tasks better. Before I heard about a new teacher, she was a petite girl. When she just started working, she was very lively. No matter she was smiling to her colleagues or students, she went to teaching with her greatest enthusiasm