Parent: the school schedule extension is still charging, I t

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Parent: the school schedule extension is still charging, I tell you! Director: he's not scared. That's our area

The summer holiday is coming to an end and the new term is coming. I saw one father mention the post - school guardianship. The parents leave a message without ceremony: the school will extend the school hours, charge fees and fees, and then go to the school to tell the teacher fees! I also saw the teacher's answer below, which is just the explanation of the accommodation fee.

In these messages, I saw a message from "director", which was also very simple: I am sorry for the father, if he is in Shanghai, there is no charge. If you are here, you have to pay. If the child attends the service after school, the parents must receive the service. Cost, under local conditions, I'm not afraid of you!

I don't know if this is really a director. Maybe teachers are the "principals" of the Internet. No matter who you are, I think I can be a director. We need directors like that now. Actually, it's not direct. There were too many directors, they weren't strong enough, they couldn't speak.

Schools offer after-school services that extend the school day for a fee. This is to relieve the burden of parents and solve their problems. As a result of the expense, zhang told the school to tell teachers that several spoiled appearances are boring. When you volunteer, no problem, your parents don't need that service and pick you up straight after school.

Elementary school has extended the time it takes to drop out. This special name is after-school service. After class, it refers to after-school service, not the teacher's own job, the service provided outside of work, since it is service, providing labor, of course you have to be compensated.

This kind of compensation does not need to be paid by parents, it depends on where you live, if you live in Shanghai, tianjin, etc., you should not pay just because the government pays for you. Money has not been confiscated and the government has gone out for all parents because financiers can afford it, not bad money.

However, most countries, including the developed provinces of guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang, cannot meet the economic burden without such abundant financial resources. What should we do? It is natural for parents who benefit from the burden to put their children in school and then pay the service fee.

Some parents will say how can students charge extra fees at school? This is because, at this time, the students have been out of school, parents have no time at school to answer and extend the study time. In the meantime, the teacher's job is an extra burden. Teachers also have families and have to solve family problems. Of course, it takes time to compensate. In fact, no teacher wants this kind of compensation and wants to go home on time. There's really no way. Education departments have regulations requiring schools to take this responsibility voluntarily. The teacher had no choice.

This kind of extracurricular service is not what the school itself wants, but what the ministry of education requires the school to do well. But good things must also be regulated. Voluntariness is the first principle. Schools must issue "after-school service application forms," and parents can submit written requests without saying they want to come. In Shanghai, even if parents ask, they won't get approval, and schools will verify it. No one at home can really answer students during class hours, and if they encounter difficulties, they will get approval. If there is no school time to pick up students from school, the school will not approve.

The father is definitely not in a financial payment area like Shanghai or tianjin. The school has no financial allocation, only service fees. Otherwise, this activity cannot be performed. Parents don't want to go straight back to school for no reason at all.