Location dear inn 3 has been verified, liu tao wang hao wil

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Location "dear inn 3" has been verified, liu tao wang hao will continue to participate. One bright spot in the staff competition.

Mango has been impressing audiences with an unexpected new show for the past two years. Season 3 of where are we going, dad?

Whether it is qing ji Chen Chen xiang in the first season or wang hejun, wu yi, ma sihao in the second season, the boss's purpose has not changed in these two seasons, so the overall effect of the second season is not different, but the change of inherited talent will have a mark. The first season is good, but does not affect the audience's expectations of the third season.

The third season of "growing all the way" identified the recording location, which is the most popular city in shenzhen, the recording location is very close to the coast, the west of the sea is adjacent to Hong Kong, but the traffic situation here is as good as you can imagine, maybe not. There's also a lot of folklore, hotels or clubs (although this is season 1 through season 2).

One theory is that this season's show has gone to the beach according to everyone's wishes, because it's in penghu, and after learning about the beauty of yunnan, everyone is alishan. From choosing a location to setting up a hotel, the business is largely self-determined.

And it is very important that there are locals learning and photographing the whole process, which is how to promote the development of local tourism by following the plan. I don't know if there will be any new ways in the third quarter.

According to the current known information, the owner of the store is still liu tao, both of them are husband and wife, they have a deep understanding of the program "dear inn", and will meet and meet.

While no official announcement has been made, three other permanent guests have revealed that the show has already included a singer and co-host. This hosting can be a highlight, when you want to sing, the singer will appear. There are actors when they want to see some kind of performance, and there will be a host controlling the scene throughout the course.

Looking at the current news, one of the guests is wu yifan, another is zhang ruoxi tang yizhen couple, the others have not been open. Wu kris has returned to dear inn, loved by fans, and is popular at various performances and parties, from dear inn to mango parties, which wu did not attend.

From big bowl and wide noodles, we can see that kris wu is definitely not the kind of son who messed up. So he can attend such a service and observation course, "the life of desire." Maybe it was a good experience

Tang ruizi's tang yizheng couple just returned from another country's honeymoon, immediately shot a new play. Zhang ruoxi filmed the country's first legal love drama "the yearning life", tang yizhen is currently a member of the drama group. However, Mr. Tang's participation in the question, but there are many reports about the pregnancy before tang, but zhang luosi and his wife did not respond to the case, but tang yijun shooting various media is not very convenient. The inn. There's a lot of manual labor. I don't know how to do it.

The location of the main recording has been confirmed, but the show will begin recording next month, reportedly after the fourth quarter of the national holiday. Still looking for dear inn?