Prayer makes people wake up immediately, which means deep, a

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Prayer makes people wake up immediately, which means deep, and say the best of life!

In life, we often need patience, patience, patience and patience. If we look for it quickly, it often backfires. If impatience is an obstacle and an endless abyss, then patience is the beacon, the compass, the driving force of our lives and the way we reach the other side of success. Life is like a road, you need to be patient, walk and walk, maybe you will leave the bustling landscape.

Buddha said, "this life's wife, who has been buried in your past life, undeclared grace; The son of this life, the former creditor of your life, seeks your outstanding debts; This life's daughter, your past lover, unfinished love; The lover of this life, is the husband and wife of previous life, continue to unfinished destiny; The beauty of this life is the brothers and sisters of previous lives, who pay the price for the unfinished heart; The people of the present, the great interests of the past, until the end of the world. It's not superstition, it's a causal number.

A person will suddenly think of something, such as squatting, how to vibrate, and the kingdom is very different. It may have something to do with time, it may have something to do with experience, but it has nothing to do with nodes. No matter how hard people suffer, it is impossible to eliminate difficulties. So, in order to give advice, don't worry about getting angry. What you need may not be advice. What you really need is time.

For love, be careful. Because you care and angry silence tolerance. Oh, because I want you to be better. I'm angry because I don't want to lose it. If you don't mind, you don't care. If you don't mind, that's fine. Don't use your love for others as an asset to hurt others. Don't wait to cry, you know you're in pain. Don't wait until you leave, you know how to stay. Don't wait for loss, you know how to appreciate it. Because sometimes it takes a lifetime to walk around.

A good man has his faults. If someone has hidden motives and infinitely expands his flaws, he is likely to be seen as a bad person. On the contrary, a bad man cannot do any good in his body. If someone unilaterally declares their superiority, they are likely to be seen as a good person. People's understanding and language have great limitations and unilateralism. It is very important to learn wisdom and obedience, or they will live in deceit and deceit every day.