He wasn't married, I got a divorce, and because I had kids,

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He wasn't married, I got a divorce, and because I had kids, we couldn't join.


I met him through Internet chat, because we talked and speculated, so we met in real life.

Before meeting him, he knew he had a history of marriage, but he didn't know he had children. On the day of the meeting, I took my children and my ex-husband to see him. He didn't expect his face to be turned on the spot.

After that, he continued to communicate with me with only one question: can you give your son to your ex-husband so we can start a new world of two?

I didn't compromise on this, so we finally broke up.

I want to ask: as a girl with a history of marriage and sons, should I be abandoned in the market of marriage and love?

Muzi li replies to readers:

You talk to him on the Internet, you know, in your conversation, why do you dare admit that you have a marriage history, but never mention it?

Marriage is always a choice. What you're hiding is actually cheating.

Not all single men can't accept women with a history of marriage; Not all single men can't accept women with a history of marriage and childbearing.

For example: your online dating boyfriend doesn't care about your relationship until he meets him, but he CARES about your son.

Therefore, when you are looking for a marriage partner, you should inform the other party of some important facts, and then let the other party have the right choice.

To repeat: although you are divorced from your children now, when you are looking for a future spouse, you will be willing to marry the minimum standard, not the man.

Those men you rejected, can you say you should live alone? Obviously not.

So, in some ways, we have to think differently: you have criteria for mate selection, and others do.

To do this, you must understand why you like someone and you must accept everything about yourself, including your children from your ex-husband.

I want to tell you that a woman who divorces her children doesn't deserve to be fired, but the marriage requires satisfaction on both sides.

This is how people choose their love:

What matters most to you is the measure of your love. Once the person you like is disgusted with you, you will use the theory of love to define your feelings.

In fact, you are rejected by only one person, he can not represent everyone.

Still confident, you may want to find a child who doesn't hate and is full of eyes to try new love.

Remember: you shouldn't hide your divorce or your children. That way, it doesn't affect the other person's choice.