Not many girlfriends are talked about, and you can see a lot

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Not many girlfriends are talked about, and you can see a lot of details about the kids.

Girls always want someone who loves them very much. They even put their hopes on boys. As an old saying goes in China, "the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment." The girl has little hope for the boy. From two strangers to familiarity, they will eventually unite in a long encounter. If a child makes a lot of promises but doesn't get one, or even tells you it's your first love, most children's feelings for you are fake.

The more girlfriends the kids have, the more times they fall in love, the more they hide, so the girls can't understand their thoughts. So, if you want to protect yourself, girls will have to double for boys. Sometimes, from many details, you can tell that the child is not many women.

In public places, you will flirt and experience

If a boy is a young man and does not talk about love, they will feel very ashamed of being with a girl and even have a messy feeling. Especially when they go out to eat, watch a movie or go with a girl, they don't walk behind her, they walk in front of her. If they go to the girl, they will feel ashamed. This type of boy doesn't even know when to hold hands with a girl, even though his heart is full of love, but his behavior is indifferent. Young children without emotional experience often feel overwhelmed.

On the contrary, the more children there are, the braver they are. Before you know it, you raise your hand, especially when two people are at shopping, and you'll notice that these kids will put their hands on your shoulder without touching you. When you pinch your ears, your hair feels comfortable. You could say this type of guy is very flirtatious, very casual and relaxed with girls. In fact, on the other hand, most of your relaxation comes from perfect practice, which only teachers in the field can do.

Just love, change your mouth, call "wife"

Children who had not experienced love did not approach each other easily when they were in opposition, and only slowly changed their mouths over at least a year. On the contrary, those who have many possessions and many experiences of love are only generous when they first meet and can only confirm the relationship.