What was the experience of quitting your old company and ret

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What was the experience of quitting your old company and returning to work? Self-reported personal experience: I was wrong

Many friends at work are asked to be reinvited after leaving the company. Many employees find their ears in search of a better job. This ability is still recognized by the leader, who struggles when his position in the company is still very important.

Most of my friends make different decisions based on the actual situation, but basically they don't go back, but they go back, and when they go back to work they go back to their old company.

Xiao zhang was a little unhappy, but he was very capable. Because he did not agree with the manager at the project meeting, he decided to quit the company and resigned angrily, giving him more development space.

However, in a resume with many resumes, xiao zhang seems to overestimate his ability, if the salary of another company is not enough or can not meet the requirements of another company, he resigned for two months, also can't do anything for himself. To get up. At that time, the former manager of the company called me. Admit the original mistake, and be willing to let zhang's ability to be "historically impressive" zhang and the manager recall the past and feel a little impulsive. The next day, I went back to my old company.

Back on Cheeky's first day of death

The first feeling of entering the company, the familiar environment, the friendly colleagues, but the mood has changed. A good colleague greets me as cordially as ever. Some relationships can be a little awkward. A colleague who doesn't deal with it always looks back and even laughs

Xia zhang is cheeky, he doesn't worry, seems not to leave, and knows that he must restrain everyone's pressure, because he decided to come back.

Day 2: ask for a better job before you know it

After the first day, I accepted the attitude and psychological pressure of my colleagues. After I formally participated in the work, I would strengthen my subconscious mind more strictly, perhaps to meet the expectations of the leader or to attract people's attention. To stand up and be part of the company, you need to shut up and do better.

About a month: I suspect I made the wrong decision.

As the words approached, everything was difficult at first. I have a face mentally prepared for the face, but don't care about other people's eyes and rumors. I also work hard, but it's hard to keep up. Many people oppress their temperament. Everyone should get along well with others. Otherwise, if you have a bad relationship with someone, your co-worker will say, "don't come back, don't come back!"

Moreover, when leadership development is complete, there is always a bad feeling that inner pain is more uncomfortable than low salary. Therefore, xiao zhang returned to the company about a month after resigning, and found himself confused by the manager's words. The manager thought he was just, cheated his confidence, and doubted himself for reaching the limit. It's not right to make the wrong choice, hesitate to resign, sincerely warn other friends who quit? Good horses won't eat again, even if they have great powers. This "returning grass" is not good. In fact, it is common for leaders to repatriate after resigning, such as xia zhang. I think a lot of people have this problem.

First, consider the reasons for leaving and the pros and cons of returning, not the feelings.

1, personal reasons: physical, such as family. Reasons, desires, abilities, if you can go back

2. Salary: depending on the situation after leaving the company, leadership "recruiting" may go downhill if it is determined that another company pays the same salary. If your salary doesn't meet your expectations, say no.

3. Conflict issues: whether a colleague or a leader resigns or not, it is best to go back if there is no way to remove the doubt or if the behavior of the leader or colleague is acceptable. A paradoxical situation, in which more conflict arises from a previous disagreement, is an act of self-pursuit.

Dear readers and friends, do you think you should go back to work after you quit?