Doctors often think you can eat more than one, but many peop

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Doctors often think you can eat more than one, but many people don't care.

Healthy blood vessels prevent our blood and nutrients from affecting all parts of the body, but it's important to maintain them as we age. Not surprisingly, many of the diseases that threaten life expectancy are related to blood vessels, including heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic liver disease, diabetes and hypertension.

Signs of vascular abnormalities: chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, etc. Indeed, vascular health is clearly correlated not only with age, but also with diet and lifestyle. Broken, narrowed and closed blood vessels are problems caused by unhealthy blood vessels. Especially in the elderly, abnormal blood vessels occur with increased frequency when chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid or painful heartbeat, dizziness or irregularity, limb paralysis, severe headache and vomiting occur. Warning!

Your doctor recommends several foods for you to eat, but often you don't need medication to clean up the "junk" in your blood vessels. Many natural foods in life can help blood vessels get back to their "youthful" state by avoiding blockages. This kind of food is hemp, hemp seed educates the redundant adipose inside the body, the harmful material such as cholesterol, can detoxify and reduce weight not only, still can nourish kidney, nourish kidney and liver. Hemp seed is a kind of nutritious food, which can maintain or restore the normal resistance of capillaries, improve the elasticity and elasticity of blood vessels, reduce serum cholesterol, and prevent fat deposition on blood vessel walls. Long-term consumption not only has significant effects on chronic neuritis, constipation, hypertension and diabetes, but also has the effect of nourishing the heart, helping the blood and prolonging the blood.

Dredging blood vessels. What's the benefit of marijuana? How to do it: take 5 grams of hemp, fry until golden, then add 3 grams of guava fruit, raiwaji, kudzu root, cassia, mulberry, glutinous rice, black mildew, yellow gong, bring to a small boil. Drink it in warm water. Do three things in peacetime to prevent blockages and get regular checkups. Especially suitable for hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia and other diseases. Quit smoking and drinking, keep an optimistic attitude, control your weight, exercise, especially office workers, you should stand and lie on your stomach for a long time. Drinking water :(1) drinking half a cup of warm water for 30 minutes before going to bed should not affect sleep. (2) get up in the morning and drink 1 cup of warm water. (3) at night, after going to the bathroom, drink two glasses of water. Put a glass of water on the bed (install the cup).